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Explore the Sweet Side of Switzerland


Imagine you are surrounded by panoramic alpine views in all directions, with quaint villages neatly tucked in the narrow valleys between endless mountain ranges and sparkling lakes. The Swiss people, still following the same traditions and going about their work as they had 100 years ago. This is quintessential Switzerland, and when you visit, you will find this small country with its friendly people will meet and exceed every expectation and assumption you had before you came.

The Swiss are known for producing an array of high-quality products, topping the list is their amazing chocolate. Why is Swiss Chocolate superior to all the rest?Is it the mountain air? The high altitude? Or perhaps its the white liquid gold that comes from the happy cows that graze the lush alpine meadows? We were curious about this and knew the only way to get to the bottom of it would be to visit this alpine paradise, tour the top chocolate manufacturers and sample copious amounts of chocolate.

And that is how we came about our tasteful knowledge which we cannot wait to share with you:

Läderach - Swiss Luxury at it's Finest!

If you are looking for luxury brands, look no further than Läderach. Family owned and headquartered in the canton of Glarus, Läderach runs several productions exclusively in Switzerland, we went sampling in Geneva. Läderach produces their own chocolate mass, meaning they are one of the few premium producers that can guarantee sustainable quality from the cocoa bean to the end product. They use only the highest quality raw materials, freshest ingredients, and everything is produced by hand. Läderach takes great pride in sourcing directly from local farmers and supporting a mission of sustainable growing practices. Läderach FrischSchoggi (fresh chocolate) is a particular specialty and customer favorite along with other classics such as the fine pralines and truffles, all available in the most beautiful gift packages to take home as sweet treat and gifts.The high standards, care and artisan approach was something we saw throughout the tour and could taste in every delicious bite.

Frey "Switzerland's no. 1 Chocolate"

Frey offers a wonderland of chocolate fun and a feast of information and tasty indulgence.The Discovery center offers an interactive sensation-packed journey, bringing the world of cocoa beans and chocolate to life. Here you can meet Frey staff members on the Expert Trail, explore the Aroma Lab and Taste Department, watch Robi the robot pack chocolate, sample chocolate and more.  

Maison Cailler - Mountain to Nestle

The town of Broc is home to the Nestlé chocolate factory, Maison Cailler. Here we learned about the history and story of chocolate through a series of interactive displays in the Chocolate Museum. It was interesting to know how chocolate originated with the Aztecs as a ceremonial drink and through modern innovations has become a readily available mass produced treat available worldwide. An "all you can eat" extravaganza of cholate samples in all varieties was waiting for us at the end of the tour.  

The Bottom Line?

Swiss chocolate is even better than they say it is.We think its because of the quality ingredients used, the care taken by the companies who make it and the joy and happiness it brings when you eat it.If you want to experience Switzerland's sweet side first hand, we've got good news – we took all of these ingredients and put together some great tasty tours featuring Swiss Chocolate, Cheese and of course the amazing alpine scenery!  

Tasty RTT Tours.... 

Geneva Sweet Sensations (May) Läderach with Chocolate making class.
Swiss Chocolate Train (Spring & Summer) Maison du Gruyère & Maison Cailler (Nestlé)
Swiss Bliss (Spring & Summer)Schoggi-Erlebnis at one of our favorites above
Tasty Switzerland (Summer)Frey Chocolate plus Appenzeller Cheese region dairy visit
Swiss Bliss for Foodies (Summer)Schoggi-Erlebnis at one of our favorites above + Zurich Food Fest
Swiss BlissMiss (December)Schoggi-Erlebnis at one of our favorites above + Xmas Market
Sweet Swiss Valentine's (February)Maison du Gruyère & Maison Cailler (Nestlé)

Jana Marshall
RTT Tour Director

Jana has worked for RTTtravel for over a decade, first as a floor agent before she became a dedicated member of the tour department. Her position as Tour Director at has offered her the perfect platform to channel her passion and genuine enthusiasm for all things travel into creating some of the most popular military tour programs in Europe. "I love taking one of my travel experience, turning into a tour, taking the tour out for the first time and seeing our customers experience something wonderful and new." Get to know Jana and learn all about traveling in Europe by listening to AFN radio in the KMC @ 105.1 every Tuesday morning at 07:00.
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