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Summer Fest Season in Europe


There are numerous things that make living in Europe so unique and one of them most definitely is the start of "Summer Fest Season" or as we call it; Summer in Europe. It is a magical time; the days are getting longer, evenings become milder and where ever you go the sweetness of summer lies in the air. We dust off our fest tables and chairs, brush up on our musical repertoire, tune our instruments and put our festoons out…. All in celebration of summer and the many delights that come with it.

You probably have noticed that here in Europe, we do not necessarily need a justification to celebrate.Sometimes, the reason is as simple as the anniversary of a town, the beginning of a new season, the ending of a season, the blooming of certain trees and flowers, foods or simply just because the new wine is ready to be tasted!

Food and culinary heritage is always a major highlight of any fest. We celebrate to the strains of the creaking of the swing grills, the sizzling and popping sounds of those mouthwatering swanks and brats and clink wine glasses and beer steins together, merrily chanting "Prost der Gesundheit" (Cheers and to good health).

This is also the perfect time to get your groove on and show off your bench dancing skills.Don't be shy, just link arms with your neighbor, joasting loudly and sway to the music.We call that "group bench dancing" and don't get me started on dancing on top of benches after midnight …

During fest season, especially in Germany, spaces are always tight and seating is limited. Be prepared to end the evening with a whole new set of friends that started with a simple request "Ist hier noch Platz?" (is this space available). In no time have you learned your new table-neighbors names, why they came to the fest and where they are from and other great details about where you are and what else you might sample and enjoy.

Fest season offers an open invitation to in participate culinary walks, may it be in town from food truck to food truck or a loop through your local wine fest. You know what they say; walking after and towards your next meal is good for you!

What Trips Does RTT Offer to Festivals?

Popular fest are Wine fests, for example along the Mosel and the Rhine River, which are areas most famous for their wine growing. Especially the towns of Rüdesheim on the Rhine and Cochem as well as Bernkastel Kues on the Mosel in late August dress up for a big celebration. While some fests are created around amazing fireworks such as the Rhine A'Flame in July, others simply invite you to indulge yourself crosstown and listen to music.

Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming fests, find the right one for you and let RTT be your designated driver for the day. Prost!

Jana Marshall
RTT Tour Director

Jana has worked for RTTtravel for over a decade, first as a floor agent before she became a dedicated member of the tour department. Her position as Tour Director at has offered her the perfect platform to channel her passion and genuine enthusiasm for all things travel into creating some of the most popular military tour programs in Europe. "I love taking one of my travel experience, turning into a tour, taking the tour out for the first time and seeing our customers experience something wonderful and new." Get to know Jana and learn all about traveling in Europe by listening to AFN radio in the KMC @ 105.1 every Tuesday morning at 07:00.

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