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Who is Eligible to use RTT Services?

We are an Air Force owned and operated travel agency (86 FSS/FSCI) servicing the needs of the DoD/Military community.

To utilize our services you may be required to provide proof of eligibility / membership to one of the following groups:

  • US Armed Forces (Active Duty  & Retirees)
  • Government Employees (GS, NAF, DoDDs, AAFES, DECA)
  • Other valid military ID Card holders.
  • Family Members of the above groups

You may not be eligible for purchased service or refund of this service if a valid ID card cannot be provided on request.

Participation on RTT Bus Tours

Visiting Family Members/Visitors are not authorized MWR privileges normally afforded to NATO/Military members unless paid for by the member and escorted by the member. Therefore families, friends or guests traveling on RTT Tours must be accompanied by the sponsor at all times.

Passport Requirements

All participants must be in possession of a valid US tourist passport during the tour. If you or your guest meet the above eligibility requirements and do not have a US passport it is your responsibility to verify that you meet the destination countries entry requirements prior to placing your reservation request.


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