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Easter Markets & Easter Egg Madness


Easter marks the joyful arrival of spring when the gentle breeze carries the scent of newly blooming flowers and the cheerful song of birds returning home. After the long grey winter, the warm sun returns, coaxing an explosion of life, growth, and color and warmly tickles our pales faces. Everywhere we turn branches are bursting with buds and adorned with decorative Easter eggs in all sizes, patterns, and colors. Easter is more than a religious event, it is a celebration of nature awakening all around us and a call to come outdoors and enjoy the fresh, warm air of spring.

European Easter traditions look back on a long history of widely celebrated customs and rituals. Spring markets and Easter egg exhibitions are plentiful in Germany and offer a perfect opportunity to get outdoors and shop for your traditional decorations to herald the coming of Spring and Easter. You are sure to find beautiful treasures to fill the empty spaces on shelves, windowsills, and balconies the past season has left empty. The displays in the many stands are full of ideas and ready to take decorations to make your home glow in full color.

It may come as a pleasant surprise to learn that artists from near and far make it their business to specialize in the wide variety of decorative eggs found at the Easter markets. Eggs of all kinds are used ranging from quale, hen, goose, duck and oversized ostrich eggs. Other materials are also fashioned into eggs shapes including wood, marble, glass and crystal. Easter eggs are traditionally painted in the most lavish colors, but it is the bejeweled ones that take center stage, impressively decorated with semi-precious stones that gently remind us of the Faberge masterpieces.

Even though it seems all fame goes to the beautifully decorated egg art, the remaining fertility symbols are no less popular and are an integral part of the season. The Hare, the Easter Lam and the Hen have an inherent part at all Easter markets and can be found as live animals in a petting area or as an edible symbol in form of chocolate treats. The sugar-coated Lam shaped pound cake has a long delicious tradition in Europe.

Travel with us to any or all of our scheduled Easter market tours and spend the day strolling in between colorful decorated stalls, taking in the scent of Easter while tasting as many delicious treats as possible.  

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