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Departure for all tours is the North Side Chapel parking lot on Ramstein Air Base (please park to the center of the parking lot). Before boarding, please check-in with the RTT tour guide and provide your military ID and your passport if traveling outside of Germany. For overnight tours a parking pass will be provided at check-in for the dashboard of your car.

Seat Assignments are made by RTTtravel for most tours, assuring that families and friends that booked together can sit together.  Please let us know at the time of booking if you have special seating requests or special requirements.

Luggage: Passengers are permitted to stow one suitcase in the undercarriage of the bus and bring one carry-on-bag to their seat for overnight tours. Strollers and items purchased during the tour can be stored beneath the bus. The bus remains locked when passengers are not on board; however, valuables are the passenger’s responsibility and should not be left unattended.

Snacks and drinks are generally allowed on the bus with the exception of French-fries and ice cream. Generally buses sell water, soft drinks.  Alcoholic beverages may be sold by the contracted bus carrier and consumed by authorized participants over the age of 18.  Please refrain from bringing your own bottles:  The consumption of alcoholic beverages brought by you on RTT sponsored trips is not allowed.

Safety: RTTtravel is vigilant about safety and the current higher alert conditions. For this reason boarding of buses is only offered via the front door, while under surveillance of your tour guide, to avoid any unauthorized person entering. A briefing before the bus leaves will be provided to remind passengers to use seat belts, remain seated when the bus is moving, avoid and report any suspicious person(s) or activity around the bus and to never take a package on board presented by a stranger.

Children of any age are welcome on our tours.  However, we recommend a minimum age of 5 years. For some of our tour programs, RTTtravel reserves the right to discourage children from attending when the venue is geared for adults only.  All children are to be supervised and in the care of the parents or the responsible party at all times.   

Money: Generally major credit cards are accepted, but this can’t be guaranteed. On our tours you may need spending money for meals, beverages, shopping, tips, etc. We suggest you take more than you think you’ll need in the currencies of the countries being visited. It is not always convenient or possible to obtain money during the tour.  

Walking is an essential component of most tours, so we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for stairs, cobblestones and uneven pavement. Historic city centers and many of the sights visited on our tours require that you wear appropriate attire.  We also suggest you dress in layers and bring an umbrella to avoid any issues related to weather.

Disabilities: Any disability requiring special attention should be reported to RTTtravel upon booking. We will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of a traveler, but we may not always be able to do so due to the physical limitations of the site, building or venue of the tour.

Medications: We recommend that you pack a sufficient supply of medications required during the tour. These should be kept in your possession at all times.  
Buses are equipped with an emergency WC for longer trips, and most tours with rides longer than 3 hours will provide the opportunity for a rest stop en-route.  

Bus Drivers take pride in driving, passenger safety and their vehicles. Each driver is certified, licensed, experienced and professional.

RTT Tour Guides are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and take great pride in making sure you enjoy your trip.  They will gladly attend to the details of the excursion and any questions you may have, as well as advise you about the itinerary and provide ways to make your trip more comfortable whenever possible.

Tipping is a good way to show your appreciation for good service in restaurants, museums, hotels and for those that provide services on your tour. Generally 10% is recommended.  Gratuities are also appreciated by the bus drivers and tour guides.

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