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Your Passport, Your Responsability

Please review This Important Information About Your Travel Documents

Please review your passports for validity and submit the requested PII (Personal Identification Information) on next page – we will be unable to proceed with your reservation until this form is completed and returned. The information provided must be consistent with / identical to the government issued form of ID that will be used by the traveler(s) at TSA airport security screening areas, Regional/International European airports and while boarding the cruise ship. If a discrepancy occurs, travel will be denied and change fees applied for any modifications that are needed to correct the discrepancy.
check your passports

The U.S. Department of State recommends your passport have at least six months of validity—beyond your actual travel date—to avoid expensive and lengthy travel disruptions.   Visit the https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html for up to date information on Passports & International Travel.  

You, as the Passenger, are solely responsible for and shall comply with any governmental travel requirements, laws or regulations for any and all destination countries you plan to travel to. All Passengers must present for inspection a valid passport and any visa, entry or exit permits that may be required.  The Passenger (or, if a Minor, his/her parents or guardian) is liable to the Carrier for any fines or penalties imposed on the Carrier by any authorities for the Passenger’s failure to observe or comply with local governmental laws or regulations, including requirements relating to immigration, customs or excise. The Carriers reserve the right to check and record details of all such documentation. RTT Travel and the Carriers make no representation and give no warranties as to the correctness of any documentation, which is checked. Passengers are strongly advised to check for all legal requirements for traveling abroad and to include the possible requirement of visas, immigration, customs and health insurance.

Please provide the PII of all travelers using the provided Traveler PII Form– in providing the PII you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above.

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