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The Magic of Spring in Europe

Spring celebrates the end of winter, rebirth new beginnings and an array of incredible travel opportunities.  In Holland, the Keukenhof Spring Gardens is a splendid sight of blooming color, creativity and natural beauty.  Vibrant fields of spring flowers, mirthful people, and spring fever in high gear starts in March and runs through May. The Netherlands transforms into an endless sea of luminous flowers, amidst them the Queen of the season – the Tulip.

Hundreds of tulip growers deliver bulbs of their finest varieties of color and shape to be carefully planted at Keukenhof Spring Garden as early as September. Over the winter, the bulbs sleep in the well-drained but moist soil, waiting for spring when the warm air and sun coax them to the surface. The soil in the polders of western Holland offers the ideal conditions for the blooms to reach their highest beauty and potential, creating a stunning annual display of flower power.

Each year, a different design is used to make the grounds of the Keukenhof look even more magnificent than the year before.  To achieve the lush and lasting carpet of flowers, the gardeners here have a little trick, planting the tulips in layers of three, ensuring the displays offer an abundant and rich appearance for the entire season.

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In addition to the planted flower displays, the Keukenhof Spring Garden also offers inspirational areas for relaxation, daydreaming and enjoying the brilliant natural surroundings.  Not to be missed are the weekly changing flower shows in the famous Oranje Nassau Pavilion where Dutch Flower growers creatively present their finest blooms.

Amongst the many ways to experience the beauty of spring is a drive along the world-famous Bloemen Route (Flower route) which is considered to be one of the loveliest spring drives in Europe. Only 40 km in length, the drive takes you through a veritable abundance Tulips, dahlias, gladioli, hyacinths, irises and daffodils surrounding you in the most exquisite colors and scents of Spring.   

Travel with RTT from the end of March till the beginning of May on our Tulip Express, or Dutch Grand Slam Overnight tours into the blooming heart of the Netherlands where tulip fields, windmills, delicious cheese and other Dutch delights are waiting to be discovered!

Spring Break, at the end of March is the ideal chance to get out and explore Europe, spend 6 days exploring the best of Italy, or jump on a hassle-free day trip!  Easter Markets in Germany offers an array of artesian goods from European specialty collectors’ items to playful decorative items for the home.  The spring air, sightseeing and wonderful shopping in the open-air markets offer a truly unique way to enjoy the bounties of spring in Europe.

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