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It's a magical time of year to be in Europe

The countdown has started; the signs are all noticeable, we can feel it in the cool morning air and winter is sending its first messengers. With that, our favorite time of the year is just around the corner - Christmas!

By now, you must be wondering what winter delights the Happy RTT Christmas Elves have in store for you this year? Just like Santa's elves, they have been hard at work using their magic talents to seek out the most interesting destinations and the most beautiful markets Europe has tor. No effort has been spared to ensure that RTT delivers all your winter wishes.

Be romanced by Christmas markets that are surounded by beautiful town squares, glowing with thousands of lights and steeped in the sweet smells or gingerbread and other seasonal delights.  Take a nostalgic trip back in time to one of the oldest Markets in Germany, experieince the edible of Chocolate Art, or the one of a kind Christmas market found in the Caves of Valkenburg, Holland.  We have trips to an assortment of popular cities and countries beyound Germany, and encourage you to book early, tours fill up and sell out quickly this time of year.

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