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Experience the enchated Palatinate Rocklands

We begin at a location that is sure to bring to mind the incredible sandstone structures found at Arches National Park at Hinterweidenthal Devil's Table.  Next, we’re off to Castle Tanstein, an expansive well preserved ruin that lays hidden, like a sleeping dragon, in the surrounded meadows and forests at the end of a valley. From here we journey on to the well preserved Castle Berwartstein which provides an authentic window into what life was like during the middle ages at a knight’s castle and a beautiful setting where we will enjoy a delicious lunch of Flammkuchen (thin crust pastry topped with sour creme and finely sliced bacon and onions) and salad paired with Weinschorle, served alfresco in the castle’s courtyard (weather permitting) or inside the knight’s hall.  After lunch we will discover the castle on a private tour and see the medieval kitchen, the hall of the deep well, the torture chamber, catapult platform and the casements below the castle.  Our final destination is Trifels Castle, one of the most important strongholds of the entire empire.  The impressive King’s hall showcases replicas of the Emperor’s crown jewels, the beauty of which is only surpassed by the panoramic views found on the tower platform.

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