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The German Beer Underground!

Vulkan Artisan Beer

Just like enjoying new foods, experiencing the beer, wine or spirits of a new place provides an opportunity to further explore the unique heritage and culture of a region.  If beer is your "go to" beverage, living in Germany provides you with some exceptional advantages and opportunities to take your love of suds to a whole new level!  There are over 1400 independent breweries all crafting at least 3 different varieties of beer, if you do the math, that's 4000+ different beers waiting to be discovered.

Last year, during our search for new adventures, we discovered Vulcan Brew, arguably one of the most unique breweries in the world. True to the name, the brewery is situated in an area called Vulkaneifel (Volcanic Eifel), a terrain marked by large sleeping volcanos and natural spring waters. Aside from the amazing award winning ales, this brewery has something that no other brew house can offer…. the deepest beer storage and fermentation cellar in the world, located almost 100 feet below the ancient volcanic earth. During the cellar tour we explored the fascinating subterranean labyrinth and learned how the brew masters here have harnessed the natural elemental forces of this region to create a unique and delicious beer. Being able to see the subterranean lair first hand and fully understand the artisan process, passion and creativity that goes into the brewing process here is the prefect primer for the guided tasting that comes next!

The beer tasting offered by Vulcan Brewery is surprisingly similar to wine tasting. Glasses are tilted, then swirled so the golden brew releases it's beautiful aromas of hops, then slowly sipped giving one an entirely new appreciation and perspective! Through this guided experience, we discovered subtle front notes of lively, fruity, tropical flavors followed by the smooth malty magic of an effervescent and rich ale.

Cable car ride overlooking Koblenz and the Mosel and Rhine Rhivers.

To give the day a perfect finish, we travel on to one of Germany's oldest towns, Koblenz, located where Germanys two largest rivers, the Rhine River and the Moselle join. This area is famous for its steep vineyards and the many beautiful Castles and old strongholds. Here you can take advantage of a one of a kind opportunity to journey across Germany's largest river in a scenic cable car ride. From this vantage point you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic view and might even see the sleeping volcanoes of the Vulkaneifel in the distance, reminding you of the blissful taste of one of Germany's most unique ales.

Join Us On Tour!

If you love beer, you won't want to miss this trip.Join us on for a beer connoisseurs bucket list adventure to Vulkaneifel, Vulcan Brewery for a fascinating day of flavor and fun in the underground world of German beer!

Jana Marshall
RTT Tour Director

Jana has worked for RTTtravel for over a decade, first as a floor agent before she became a dedicated member of the tour department. Her position as Tour Director at has offered her the perfect platform to channel her passion and genuine enthusiasm for all things travel into creating some of the most popular military tour programs in Europe. "I love taking one of my travel experience, turning into a tour, taking the tour out for the first time and seeing our customers experience something wonderful and new." Get to know Jana and learn all about traveling in Europe by listening to AFN radio in the KMC @ 105.1 every Tuesday morning at 07:00.
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