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Obtaining QR Codes for EU Digital COVID Certificate


The new EU Digital Certificate, was introduced in Jul 2021, and is now available in all 27 EU countries.  This system provides digital proof that a person has either been vaccinated against COVID-19 or recently recovered from COVID-19. This free, safe and secure service is available to and U.S. military ID / DoD ID card holders.  As of September 2021, not all countries have instituted mandatory requirements that travelers entering their border be in possession of a QR Code / EU Digital Certificate, but trends indicate that more will begin to implement this as a required travel document for entry.  We encourage travelers to familiarize themselves with these standards and procedures so they can be ready as travel requirements may change.

In order to ensure you are well informed and prepared to travel with us on our tours, we have clearly marked travel document requirements, including if a QR Code / EU Digital Certificate is required on the tour page of each tour currently being offered. Should any changes to the requirements occur customers with reservations will be immediately informed. 

Instructions for Obtaining QR Codes / EU Digital COVID Certificates

Download and print the Instructions and the German Apotheke Info docs (available for download below). Take this along with your proof of vaccination or letter of recovery to any Germany Apotheke. They will provide you with a printed QR Code.

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