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What can you get from a 3 day trip to Paris?

paris-jonathan-guzman Photos by Jonathan Guzman
A customer experience written by Jonathan Guzman -

Paris is amazingly beautiful and has so many sites to see, It's impossible to see it all in one day or even a weekend. I spent a 3 day weekend in Paris with Horizon Tours and saw several key sites like the Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower and it was just a preview of what Paris had to offer. There is so much history and art in France it's enough to make you want to stay. The sites aren't the only thing that's amazing, so is the food. The Eiffel Tower is one of the world's most iconic treasures and to see it in person is something you have to do once in your life. I wasn't able to reach the top but I was at able to see it in person and stand within the legs of the tower. It's a massive structure that makes you feel small and amazed at the same time. 

I just didn't have enough time to see all of the spectacular exhibits in the Louvre. To be honest someone once told me that it would take at least 3 months to see each and every piece in the museum, if that was your daily job. But in the one and a half hour that I had, I got to see the Mona Lisa and several other historical pieces that I never knew existed. The Louvre just seems to go on and on. And just when you think there isn't anything more to see, there's a mall with a large food court. 

I had a great experience with Horizon Tours. If it wasn't for their 3 day 2 overnight tour Paris Premium tour, I don't think I would have ever seen so many sites in such a short time. Paris is very large and everyone wants to see the same thing at the same time. With the tour bus driver expertly driving us to every location in great time, we reached every major site and was able to experience Paris like no one else. The great part about the tour is that I didn't have to drive or battle traffic in Paris. Driving in Paris is not for the timid. This was a great way to preview Paris. My next trip will be to stay a weekend to really enjoy myself in Paris. I would highly recommend anyone that is visiting Europe to take this trip, because you see so much in such a short time. Now I can say I've been there.

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About Jonathan Guzman

Jonathon is a an avid world traveler and photographer. He loves using his camera to capture the spirit of places he's visited, using both a traditional and unique contemporary perspective. "I hope that people who see my images will be inspired to travel and see these amazing places that are on their bucket list and get off the beaten path to see a few things they didn't know about. I don't consider myself to be a professional photographer, just a man with a vision of life that I thought should be shared with the world."  Jonathan recently began selling his photography and is currently studying for his degree in Multimedia & Web Design.  He appreciates your feedback, comments and hopes you will visit his website to see more of work!

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