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In an effort to provide the most efficient service to all eligible customers we have upgraded to a Customer Care Center. The cornerstone of this new system is the Service Request Ticket (SRT) which serves an inquiry form and record for all communication regarding your travel request. Once your SRT has been submitted you will receive a ticket tracking ID# on the confirmation screen and via email address provided. For the fastest service use only civilian email address when submitting your SRT – gmail users may need to manually check and manage their spam filters to retrieve their SRT (please see below or use a non gmail email address).

Your SRT is immediately entered into the que of tickets which are processed during normal business hours. We strive to to respond to all SRT's within one business day, however, delays can occur during peak seasons.

With Your SRT Tracking ID# You Can:

  • Submit and receive documents through this system
  • Provide additional details pertaining to your travel requests
  • Work with multiple travel specialists simultaneously
  • Easily collaborate people you will be travelling with regarding the details of your trip
  • Enjoy the efficient convenience of booking your next great holiday from a mobile device

NIPRNet Users Please Note:

 Customers using a NIPRnet connection may experience difficulties viewing the Customer Care Center (www.rttreservations.com) while using the web browsers Internet Explorer and/or Chrome. To avoid this issue please access our Customer Care Center from personal computers, internet connections and smart phones / tablets. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for the time being.

Gmail Users:

In some cases your SRT will be delivered to your Gmail spam folder. In order to retrieve it and prevent this from happening in the future you will have to log into Gmail (via a web browser, not outlook or a smart phone) and manually retrieve it and adjust your spam filter settings. If you unfamiliar with this procedure, click here for detailed instructions on how to Manage Gmail Spam. 

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