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Beer Enthusiasts Wanted!


If you’re a fan of great beer, you already knew you won the beer lottery when your orders for Germany came through. You can’t say you’ve savored suds here until you’ve made the pilgrimage to Bavaria and settled into a sample of spicy crisp Weissebier. If you really want to get at the lineage and history of great German beer, there is no better way than visiting and touring a brewery that began perfecting their wheat brew long before you stole your first sip of beer from your parents.

On its home turf in Bavaria, a properly brewed wheat ale is usually referred to as a weissbier or a weizenbier (German for white beer or wheat beer). In the States you would need to ask for this beer using the less common German name, hefeweizen (German for yeast wheat). All beers brewed in Germany are strictly controlled both in production method and ingredients used by the German Beer Purity Law which defines weizenbier as - any top-fermented brew that is made with at least 50 percent wheat. A few breweries mash their weissbiers with as much as 75 percent wheat.

The high levels of wheat used to brew Weissbier is why it stands apart from all other beer styles and produces the complex signature flavor with notes of clove, banana, nutmeg, vanilla, apple and even bubblegum. Other elements noted include phenolic, spicy, tart, aromatic, fruity, complex and crisp. No matter how it’s described, a good German weissbier is delicious and worthy of any serious beer connoisseurs interest. If you want to sound like a pro when you order your first weissbier, be sure to pronounce it correctly - It’s “vice-beer” for weissbier!

Once a year we offer a really exciting tour to Maisels Weissebeir Fest that visits Bayreuth (Bavaria), which just happens to have highest density of breweries per capita anywhere in the world.  Here we’ll go to Maisel’s Brewery, one of Germany’s best-known and most popular brands of wheat beer for the full Maisel Beer experience, festival and concert.   Sorry folks, this one, like most of our beer-centric tour programs is a one-time deal, so if you’re interested don’t wait to make your reservations. We’ve got a few more trips like this up our sleeve so keep an eye on our blog, website, facebook and newsletter!

Beer Enthusiasts Wanted!
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