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Making Tour Reservations - Don't Miss The Bus

In order to make sure your tour reservation goes smoothly, please be consider the following things:

  • Booking well in advance will increase a tours chance of meeting minimum participation and being confirmed.
  • Planning ahead will ensure the tour is not sold out when you want to make a reservation.
  • If you tour is departing within 48 hours you will need to make your reservation in person or by phone.
  • Your reservation is not final until it has been paid in full.
  • Please make sure you bring the correct travel documents and your Reservation Confirmation when you board the bus.
  • If you submit your reservation via our on-line customer care center, and do not receive a confirmation or reply from an agent, please check your span/junk mail folder.
  • Check that that tour you are interested in is still available. You can do this by visiting our Tour Calendar or Confirmed Tours Page Knowing this in advance will save you some time.
    • Green means it's a GO
    • Yellow means it's a maybe & OPEN to BOOK (pending minimum participation)
    • Red means its FULL
    • Grey means its Cancelled.
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